Including Others

Community Cafe is the primary outreach ministry of Grace Communion Nashville. Every Sunday, at 12:30 p.m., immediately after our worship service, at 1401 Lischey Ave. in East Nashville, we gather in the fellowship hall to eat a home cooked meal with folks from our neighborhood.

The purpose of this meal is to feed the hungry. There is no other motive and no other criteria. Anyone who is hungry and would like to sit down and eat with us is welcome to do so: rich or poor, believer or non-believer, all are welcome. Most weeks we have about 10 people from our congregation and about 10-15 people from our community, some of whom are homeless and some of whom simply live nearby and enjoy eating with us.

You are welcome to visit us just for Community Cafe and enjoy a free, home cooked meal!

Other outreach ministry projects we are involved with are:

  • Supporting Crossing Borders missions to Mexico. This support includes filling and donating Christmas gift boxes to be given to the children visited by the Crossing Borders missionaries during the Advent season.
  • Collecting boxed and canned food items 2 times a year which are donated to East Nashville Cooperative Ministry. This ministry provides food boxes to neighbors who are in need.
  • Participating in the Highland Heights Neighborhood Association and their community events and outreach. Visit their website
  • Partnering with Trinity Community Commons, an outreach ministry of Trinity United Methodist Church which is located on the corner of Trinity Lane and Meridian Avenue in East Nashville. Among other service to the community they offer a free meal at 6 p.m. on Tuesdays, Nashville Eats.