Connecting With One Another Online

Here are some ways we can keep in touch with one another, pray together, listen to the Word of God, and continue to fellowship while we are unable to worship together in person. The Holy Spirit joins us together and makes us one–may we not allow any virus or any other hardship come between us! Look for the weekly video and audio sermon, as well as Pastor Mike’s Just a Thought podcast under the Gear on the menu bar.

  • “Receiving God’s Direction” sermon with communion by Pastor Linda Rex at Grace Communion Nashville for January 17, 2021–Epiphany (Texts: Texts: John 1:43-51; 1 Sam. 3:1–10 NASB)

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  • The Surprising God Blog about Incarnational Trinitarian Theology which is produced by Ted Johnston and Grace Communion Seminary on behalf of GCI. Click here to access this blog: